Twitter Profile Image Updater for all Windows-based devices. Say it with Images! 
TweetMyImage allows you to post your images to Twitter.  Use pre-selected images or
redirect your camera output as an image source.  Uploads and downloads are automatic.
You and your friends can now blog with images (not just text). After all, if an image
is worth a thousand words, imagine what an image blog is worth!  Create your own image
blog, and/or follow your friends' image blogs. You can add any number of friends and
the tool will download their blog of images on a regular basis.  You can at any time
animate their image timeline. 

TweetMyImage can be used to regularly change your profile image, create
dia-shows/presentations, or feed your camera's output. If you are on the road your
SmartPhone or PDA's camera can regularly pipe images to your Twitter account. 
Let your friends see what you are seeing!  All of this is of course done automatically. 
No user intervention is required.

Key Benefits



Automatic upload of Twitter account profile images.


Two image feed sources: (1) User defined list of images, (2) Camera feed.


Add any number of Twitter members to download their image timeline.


Convenient preview of all member images.


Animation of all subscribed Twitter memberís image timeline.


A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.


Support for all Windows OS (Desktop and Mobile).





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US $10.00

Euro €8.00

Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration


Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (all options enabled) and technical support.

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