TranslateUs supports automatic text extraction and language translation of any file located on your device or an inserted SD card. Files can be in any format! The tool automatically locates all textual content in any file, extracts it (employing both custom and generic text filters), chunks the text data, performs automatic language identification on each chunk, and finally translates the data to a user-specified target language.

Standard Key Benefits



Automatic, on-the-fly text extraction and language translation of any file.


Translation via context menu.


Aware of many different file formats.


Automatic chunking of text data.


Automatic source language identification of textual chunks.


Online Language translation.


Translated and original files can be viewed in custom browser.


Single-click translation to new target language.


Offline storage of all translations to database.


Multi-Lingual User Interface.


Working Internet connection.




Price US $

Price Euro €

Price Yen


US $10.00

Euro €8.00

Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (no limitation in the number of translated chunks of text per file) and technical support.

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