SMSSpaminator removes these pesky and annoying messages with a click of a button. This little Sentinel monitors all incoming messages and keeps out those messages which you deem inappropriate (Out of sight, out of mind!). Messages identified as Spam are automatically moved to a special Spam folder and out of your InBox. Even better, you can now apply the same Spam rules uniformly to all your accounts with just a couple of mouse clicks. If you receive messages from multiple e-mail accounts (different service providers), there is no longer a need to visit each e-mail account to report a message as Spam! This tool not only helps keep spam under control, but acts as a quick and easy approach to block incoming messages from sources you deem undesirable. If you are victim of cyber-bullying, or stalking you can stop the incoming spam-wave of the perpetrator dead it its track with just a couple of mouse clicks.

Key Benefits



Handles all types of Spam before it clutters your SMS/MMS/E-Mail Inbox.


Uniform Anti-Spam suppression. Same tool for SMS, MMS, and all E-mail accounts on your mobile device.


No need to visit and report Spam to every e-mail provider you chose to download messages from onto your device.


Temporarily block messages from certain senders or groups of senders.


No need to wait before the Anti-Spam rules you create take into effect!


YOU decide what is Spam, not your e-mail provider!


All messages identified as Spam are moved from your devices' InBox to a special Spam Folder.


HTML/MIME Message Viewer.


Convenient setup of Spam rules. Filter by Sender Id (also partial Id) or Message content.


Create partial Sender Ids via rule masks (i.e., no*reply@company.* categorizes all e-mail messages from Company (.com, .net, .org, etc.) that start with the word no, followed by zero or more characters, and ends with reply, as spam.


Message content is filtered based on similarity pattern matching.


All received messages are stored in a database for easy viewing. If you combine SMSSpaminator with the advanced search utility FindUs, you can gain complete search control over all received messages.


Allows sending of SMS.


Automatic response feature supports sending of customized replies (Automated SMS Answering System).


A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.


Adding Anti-Spam rules is as easy as clicking on a received message. Filter rules can be created for blocking future messages either by specifying a Sender Id, or by Message content.


Just a one time registration fee, no recurring monthly/yearly costs are sufficient for protecting your mobile device.

Use SMSSpaminator in conjunction with FindUs's advanced search technology to glean new information from all received SMS/MMS/E-Mail messages.




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Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (unlimited number of rules) and technical support.

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