PRM - Press Release Monster

Press Release Monster (PRM) is a first of a kind marketing tool for the Windows Mobile platform. This small application is capable of sending your products or services' Press Release to over 4000 printed press contacts directly from your phone or PDA. It no longer matters where you are and what you are doing. As long as your phone is by your side, you are ready to market your company/organization's products, services, or web site. Let's face it, lugging around your laptop or even Netbook is not always a choice of convenience. Your Mobile Device on the other hand, is almost always by your side, or at least in convenient reach.

Press Release Monster is the ideal solution for effectively promoting any kind of business or organization. You can use PRM as many times as you want, whenever you want to reach a wide variety of media outlets with your news to gain the press exposure you require today. Now you can benefit from the same press distribution prowess exhibited by professional press release services for less than a fraction of the cost!

The ease of use that PRM exhibits is unprecedented. Just write your Press Release (You can find many prefabricated Press Release templates online), import it to Press Release Monster, and your done. This little utility takes care of the rest. The only configurable parameter is to select the Internet mail account (via Windows Messaging client) that you want PRM to use.

You only need to register once and benefit from a wide ranging media exposure for as long as you desire. There are no recurring costs! And for those tight-strapped budgets, PRM comes in different conveniently sized press contact packages. As little as US$5 - one time - already buys you the introductory offer package with 300 press contacts.

In terms of ease of use, cost, flexibility, automation, and near-zero configuration, there is no better choice for marketing your products, services, or web site to the press. It is high time you register your copy of Press Release Monster and enjoy these key benefits:

Standard Key Benefits


Over 4000 printed press (newspapers/magazine) editor contacts.


Write or import your press release from file.


Fully automated submission.


Automatic save of delivery status.


Any number of press releases.


Use as many times as you want.


No time or frequency limitations.


Supports text and html format.


Convenient press contact package sizes to meet your budget.


Multi-Lingual User Interface.


A pre-configured (via Windows Messaging client) Internet e-mail account capable of SMTP/IMAP services (able to send e-mail's).


Find out more about our convenient pricing structures for registering PRM.

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (full access to all press contacts - dependent on chosen package) and technical support.