Web Site, File System, Network Traffic, Bluetooth device, and WiFi (WLAN) AP Monitor Utility for Windows-based Mobile Devices.

Key Benefits



Monitor and download Web Sites (complete Web content, no mobile device restrictions) .


Uses anonymous proxies if access is denied by normal requests.


Control downloads by maximum traversal depth, file type extensions, and In Site flag.


Online and offline browsing.


Complete coverage of monitored File System events.


Complete coverage of monitored Network Traffic (ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, and RAS).


Keeps track of all discoverable Bluetooth devices in reach of your mobile device.


Logs all visible WiFi (WLAN) APs.


Creation of index and search-ready log files/databases.


All information searchable (requires FindUs search utility; Bluetooth & WiFi AP search requires v. 3.0 and higher).


Integrated Browser.


Multi-Lingual User Interface.




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US $15.00

Euro €11.00

Yen 1500.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (removal of MobileTimes Web Site) and technical support.

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