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Release of GeoWatch v. 1.10 (BuddyShare enabled)

Geo/GPS Track Utility for you and your friends for all Windows-based Devices

October 18, 2009

MobileTimes announces the release of its Geo/GPS Track Utility GeoWatch enabled with BuddyShare Technology for all Windows-based Mobile Devices.

If you are a group of individuals enjoying hiking, or of playing war games in the woodlands, or you simply enjoy exploring new geographical areas, or you hate to use impersonal navigational devices, then GeoWatch with BuddyShare may be just the tool you are looking for.

GeoWatch enabled with BuddyShare technology allows you and your friends to track each others' devices from anywhere in the World. Whether you are using a PC, NetBook, SmartPhone , or PDA, you can now always be informed of your buddies location (and they of yours) and visualize it on automatically downloaded maps. The only requirement for enabling your device with BuddyShare is a working Internet connection. Devices that need to be tracked require a GPS receiver. Devices only engaged in tracking do not.

GeoWatch brings un-intrusive automatic Geo/GPS location tracking for most parts of the World to the table. This application lets you know your and your friends geographic location at all times and visualizes it on maps. Maps are downloaded on a per demand basis, even for slow 54KBit connections. All GPS information is stored to a database and can be readily retrieved based on a given date and time range. This tool allows you to create visual 'walks' of visited locations and supports the automatic export of collected GPS data to text files. Offline tracking and viewing of 'walks' is available via stored map material.

For added search power, combine this handy little utility with MobileTimes' advanced search tool FindUs.

A Multi-Lingual User Interface to over 140 languages is available.

Support exists for Windows Mobile 5.0 & 6.0 for the PocketPC (Professional) and SmartPhone (Standard) platforms, and all devices sporting the NT, 2000, XP , or Vista operating systems. Released as shareware.

Requirements: Working Internet connection and GPS receiver for tracked devices only.

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