Geo/GPS Location Track Utility for you and your friends for all Windows Mobile Devices (Windows Mobile 5 & 6, NT, 2000, XP, and Vista).

Key Benefits



Keeps track of your mobile devices geographical location.


BuddyShare enabled. Allows you to track your friends location anywhere in the World and vice versa.


BuddyShare is a secure, private, and flexible communications infrastructure. No uploading of data to servers. Automatic encryption of data. No IP addresses, web servers, etc.


BuddyShare even works for linking up multiple handheld devices located anywhere in the World.


Location maps are automatically downloaded on a per need basis (even for slow 54KBit connections).


Supports creating and visualizing walks for any given day and time range (hourly resolution).


Automatic export of all created walks to flat text files for incorporation in other applications.


Offline tracking and viewing of generated walks.


Multi-level zoom.


Support for CF cards to store downloaded map and GPS information.


Runs on all commonly available Windows Operating systems.


Common GUI for all devices.


A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.

Software Requirements



Working Internet connection for downloading map material and for BuddyShare enabling GeoWatch. Allows you to track the locations of your friends (and vice versa) and visualizes GPS information on automatically downloaded maps.

Hardware Requirements



GPS receiver (for tracked devices).




Price US $

Price Euro €

Price Yen


US $15.00

Euro €11.00

Yen 1500.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (unlimited number of GPS track points during generation of Walks, full map download ) and technical support.

Special Promotion

Non-commercial users may now obtain 2 registration licenses for the price of one. This special offer allows the usage of GeoWatch on two devices at the same time (i.e., Phone and NetBook, etc.).

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