Flash Harvester

FlashHarvester is your one-stop center for searching and downloading Flash Videos from the Internet. This Windows Mobile App searches various online flash video hosting sites (i.e., YouTube, GoogleVideo, ec.) for videos and automatically downloads them to your Mobile device.

Standard Key Benefits



Any number of search queries.


Automatic save of all queries.


Search by: All Words, Any Words, or Exact Phrase.


Searches video hosting sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc.


Download of Video Links, Movie Previews, or complete Movies.


User can specify how long flash video previews should be.


Automated background processing and download of videos.


Offline storage of all search results, previews, and full movies to database or storage.


Multi-Lingual User Interface.


Working Internet connection.



Price US $

Price Euro €

Price Yen


US $10.00

Euro €8.00

Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (no download size limitation of video) and technical support.

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