Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ page). Below, we have tried to answer the most common questions visitors to this our Web site may have. If you find that your question is not answered on this page, please email us ask@mobiltimes.com.


Q: What do I get by registering any of your products?

A: Registration includes lifting of all software restrictions and technical support.

Q: How do I know if the software works for my device?

A: Our software is released as shareware with just minor restrictions built-in.  This allows you to fully test the software for as long as you want on any number of devices. Once you are convinced from the software’s merits, you can safely register it.

Q: If I register any of your products, for how long will I receive free updates?

A: Every software that is registered with us receives free upgrades for the current major version release and the following. Included are of course all minor releases. For example, if you ordered v. 2.0, then you will receive free upgrades for all versions 2.x & 3.x releases.

Q: How will I be informed when upgrades become available?  Will you place me on an e-mail list?

A: No. We do not maintain mailing lists.  All new software and upgrade releases are posted to our RSS (Atom) News feed.  Simply point your browser to these locations and subscribe. See top of this page for the News Feed addresses.

Q: How do I register a software title?

A: Just go to the product page of the software you are interested in.  You can either register via PayPal, AvanGate, or RegNow. The later two may not be available for all  products.

Q: How will I receive the unrestricted release of the software?

A: The unrestricted version will be e-mailed to you, once your order is processed.

Q: How long will it take to receive the software?

A: Expect anywhere from 12-24 hours, depending on the geographical region you reside in.

Q: Can I receive technical support if I haven’t registered yet?

A: You can send your queries, but you will only receive a generic FAQ response (if available).  If you require personalized technical support, you will need to register first.

Q: If I run into a problem which appears to be bug (fault) of the software, can I report it?

A: Yes, you can report the problem!  If you want to file a custom bug report, just contact us letting us know what software title you are using.  We will send you a bug report form per e-mail.