ctSearch is a content-based Internet search engine, and ctBrowser its accompanying desktop browser. So what is different about ctSearch when compared to other Internet Search Engines (i.e., Google, Bing, AltaVista, etc.) being used today? Standard Internet Search Engines are exclusively keyword-based search tools, whereas ctSearch is content-based.

Content-based Search Engines differ from keyword-based engines in that they use background knowledge of the information they search for. Instead of simply searching for simple variations of the same text, conceptual information is used to find possible target matches.

ctSearch also is capable of accepting search input in Natural Language form. This means, search text can be entered in complete English language sentences. The input can be a single sentence, a paragraph, or a complete page of text. This gives the user a far more rewarding search experience, since it allows for deeper and more comprehensive searches.

Search results located by ctSearch can be viewed with help of ctBrowser. ctBrowser is a desktop tool specifically designed for viewing content-based search results. ctBrowser provides 3 core modes for viewing search results: normal, group, and tag view.  These different modes were introduced, to allow for different view perspectives, and thereby ultimately help discover new relationships among the retrieved information.


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Using the basic ctSearch/ctBrowser combo is free.  Priority processing along with deeper and more comprehensive searching is also available.  For rates, please inquire here.