CompressUs introduces transparent filter-directed compression to Windows Mobile devices in order to alleviate scarce memory resources. Files are compressed/uncompressed on the fly on a per need basis - no user-intervention whatsoever. Only files with user-specified extensions are compressed! Compressions rates of about 50% can be expected on average.

Standard Key Benefits



Transparent, on-the-fly compression and decompression of files.


Compressed files are selected based on file extensions.


User can specify any number of file filter extensions.


Compression rates of 50% can be expected.


Automatic setup. NO configuration! NO twiddling with parameters!


Multi-Lingual User Interface.




Price US $

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Price Yen


US $10.00

Euro €8.00

Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (add/delete of file filter extensions) and technical support.

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