Welcome to the MobileTimes product catalog page. We offer a variety of products that represent the very best in Mobile and cross-platform Computing technology.

Because our quality control standards are high, we build only the highest caliber of innovative software products. Our goal is always to deliver on time and working solutions to common as well as not so common problems. Your satisfaction is of paramount importance.

All our software is made available as shareware. This allows you to test the software in its entirety prior to deciding to register it. Registration not only gives you unrestricted access to all software features, but also technical support should you need it.

Below is a complete list of the products we offer.


[ctSearch/ctBrowser] - ctSearch/ctBrowser - Content-based, English Natural Language Internet search engine with accompanying desktop browser ctBrowser.  Support exists for Windows (NT, 2K, XP, Vista, Win7), Apple OSX, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, and Solaris.


 [MyFriendTweeter] - MyFriendTweeter - Natural Language (English) Open-ended Twitter Friend search engine.¬  Continuously scours Twitter for new friends to follow by using a personís biographical search data. Provides automatic upload of newly found friends to a userís Twitter account. Support exists for Apple IPhone/iPad, J2ME/Midlet (Symbian-Nokia/SonyEricson, PlamOS, pre-WebOS 2, etc.), Android, BlackBerry, Windows Phone 7, Windows (NT, 2K, XP, Vista, Win7), Windows Mobile 6.x, Apple OSX, Linux, Free BSD, Open BSD, HPUX, IRIX, AIX, and Solaris. Released as shareware.


 [TweetMyImage] - TweetMyImage - the Twitter Profile Image Updater for all Windows-based devices. Say it with Images! TweetMyImage allows you to post your images to Twitter. Use pre-selected images or redirect your camera output as an image source. Uploads and downloads are automatic.


 [BlockUs] - BlockUs automatically blocks all outgoing messages (SMS/MMS/E-mail) on your device. Current and future messages are released by creating un-block rules. Puts a stop to misuse of messaging services on Mobile Devices.


PRM - Press Release Monster [PRM] - Blast your company or organization Press Releases to over 4000 printed press contacts directly from any Windows Mobile phone or PDA. Fully automated submission of any number of Press Releases either in text or html format.


 [AMT] - Automatic message translation utility for your Mobile device. Translates all SMS, MMS, or E_Mail's into a user specified target language. Translated messages are placed in corresponding Inbox folders and can be perused using Windows Messaging.


 [SMSSpaminator] - SMSSpaminator filters your incoming SMS/MMS/E-Mail messages and keeps out unwanted Spam before it clutters your InBox (Out of sight, out of mind!). All as Spam identified messages are moved to a special Spam folder.All incoming messages are maintained in a database and can be conveniently viewed.


 [FoneWatch] - FoneWatch automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls made on your mobile device. All recordings are stored to a database, which can later be searched. Stored phone calls can be played back, paused, resumed, and stopped. For added convenience, fast forward/backward rewind is available. Recordings can be exported as wave files to your PC, or sent to multiple e-mail accounts as they are made.


 [FoneBlock] - FoneBlock keeps track of all phone calls made on your device (incoming and outgoing). With just a couple of clicks you can specify block rules for a complete phone number or a partial number. Block either all incoming, outgoing, or both types of phone calls.


 [MusicHarvester] - Music search and retrieval utility for mobile devices. Searches online music hosting sites for songs. Allows any number of customizable search queries to be submitted. User can specify to download links to songs, previews of songs, or complete songs.


 [FlashHarvester] - Adobe Flash video search and retrieval utility for mobile devices. Searches online flash video hosting sites like YouTube, Google Video, etc. for movies. Allows any number of customizable search queries to be submitted. User can specify to download links to videos, previews of videos, or complete movies.


 [TranslateUs] - Automatic Text extraction (filter) and translation utility for all files stored on mobile devices, or inserted SD cards. Offers automatic text extraction from all types of files, chunking of extracted text, source language identification, and translation to user-specified target language. No user intervention required. 


 [ViewUs] Automatic Text extraction (filter) utility for all files stored on mobile devices, or inserted SD cards.



 [CompressUs] - Introduces automatic, filter-directed (based on extensions) file compression for Windows Mobile devices 



 [RestoreUs] - Restores files on Windows mobile devices. Un-delete files from device flash memory or from SD card.



 [RecycleUs] - Recycles files on Windows mobile devices. Recycled files can be restored (undeleted) at a later point in time. Uses hidden memory to maintain recycled files if available, otherwise an SD card.


 [SaveUs] - Complete one-click backup/restore utility for Mobile devices. Creates a byte for byte image of your device. Requires an SD card for storing images.



 [CallerIDBlock] - CallerIDBlock is a management utility for blocking or allowing CallIerID on your phone. It lets you decide for which dialed phone numbers CallerID (your phone number) is sent or suppressed. You can readily change the dialing behavior for any phone call you make.


 [CamWatch] - CamWatch is a fully automated camera snapshot sharing tool for all Windows-based devices. This software allows you to hook up any number of mobile device' cameras and share their output. With CamWatch it does not matter where your devices are located, or of what type they are (i.e., a PC, a NetBook, a PDA, or a SmartPhone). Unlike standard WebCam's you neither need any specialized hardware, nor IP addresses, nor Web servers, and camera snapshots are never uploaded to any servers! BuddyShare enabled.


 [ClickNServe (aka Click And Serve)] - ClickNServe is a fully automated image sharing tool for all Windows-based devices. Take a picture of something you like and share it with all your friends no matter where they are located. Sharing images is really as simple as click and serve! BuddyShare enabled.


 [GeoWatch] - GeoWatch brings un-intrusive automatic Geo/GPS location tracking for most parts of the World to the table. This application lets you know your and your friends geographic location at all times and visualizes it on maps. BuddyShare enabled.


 [Findus] - FindUs is your One Stop Center for advanced searches on Windows Mobile devices. Some of the points of interest which can be searched are: Complete File System, Memory RAM, Entire Registry, CEDB & EDB Databases, SIM Card, Monitored and offline stored Web Sites, File System Changes (File/Folder Add/Delete/Rename, etc.), Messaging (SMS/MMS/E-Mail), Network Traffic (ICMP, IP, TCP, UDP, RAS), Processes And Modules loaded, Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks data, Media/Document/Archive files, Bluetooth devices, WiFi Access Points, Phone call data, and all recorded incoming and outgoing phone calls made on your device.  Search query types include: All Words, Any Words, Exact Phrase, Intelligent Phrase, and Logic Phrase.


 [MonitorUs] - MonitorUs provides complete Web Site monitoring and download of content for offline browsing. Furthermore, the tool monitors a rich sortiment of File System events, all network traffic, discoverable Bluetooth devices, and WiFi AP's (Hotspots) in the vicinity of your mobile device.


All of the items listed above are currently available and can be registered either with PayPal, or our payment processors AvanGate and RegNow (The later two may not be available for all products).

To register one of our mobile products simply visit the product page of the software you are interested.

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