SMS/MMS/E-mail Message Block Utility

Key Benefits



Automatically blocks all outgoing messages on your Mobile Device.


Uniform message blocking. Same tool for SMS, MMS, and all E-mail accounts on your mobile device.


All blocked messages are moved from your devices' OutBox to a special Blocked Folder.


Convenient setup of Un-Block rules. Filter by Recipient Id.


All sent messages are stored in a database for easy viewing. If you combine BlockUs with the advanced search utility FindUs (requires Version 3.10 or higher), you can gain complete search control over all sent/blocked messages.


A Multi-Lingual User Interface encompassing over 140 languages and supporting hot-swapping has been added.


Adding un-block rules is as easy as clicking on a sent message.

Use BlockUs in conjunction with FindUs's advanced search technology to glean new information from all sent SMS/MMS/E-Mail messages.




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US $10.00

Euro €8.00

Yen 1000.00

Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (unlimited number of rules) and technical support.

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