Automatic Message Translation

AMT automatically translates all your incoming messages (SMS, MMS, and E-Mail) to a target language of your choice. All you need to do is specify for which of the three types of messages you want translation enabled, and select the target language. AMT automatically monitors your Mobile devices' Inbox's for incoming messages. If a message arrives and translation is enabled, AMT proceeds to break up the message into small chunks of text. Next, each chunk is analyzed and its source language is identified (This allows AMT to deal with Multi-lingual message content). After the source language has been identified, the text is translated to the specified target language. Finally, the translated message is constructed and placed into the Mobile devices' Inbox. The user can inspect translated messages by activating Windows Messaging and navigating to the SMS, MMS, or E-MAIL(s) Inbox. The translated messages are deposited in corresponding folders.

Standard Key Benefits



Automatic translation of all incoming messages.


Message translation includes SMS, MMS, and E-Mail (all installed accounts).


Choice of which types of messages to translate.


Automatic chunking of text data.


Automatic source language identification of textual chunks (supports translation of multi-lingual messages).


Translated messages are stored in corresponding Inbox.


Message inspection via Windows Messaging.


Online Language translation.


Multi-Lingual User Interface.


Working Internet connection.




Price US $

Price Euro €

Price Yen


US $20.00

Euro €16.00

Yen 2000.00


Shareware Registration

Shareware registration benefits include de-activation of software restrictions (no limitation in the number of translated chunks of text per message) and technical support.

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